This comedy's a gas. Haha.

Well, the new US season of prime time fiction shows hasn’t quite launched yet (new ones start this week), but I’ve already got something for you Nat’s TV readers to check out. It’s not so much a new show as new to us — the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas, which is now airing on superstation WGN.
This is a gentle, amiable sitcom set amongst the friendly characters in a small Saskatchewan town. The folks who work at the local gas station, the lovely new-to-the-area gal at the adjacent shop, the various people coming through their lives. It has the genteel feel of a Northern Exposure or Ballykissangel (or, for you young folks going through lesser works, Men in Trees) without the aggressive quirkiness, because this isn’t a fish-out-of-water comedy. There’s an outsider, and she’s used well, but she isn’t the center. It’s a comfortable fish in water comedy.
That doesn’t tell you much about it. But I will tell you this: I’ve only caught one episode so far (not the first episode), and it got me laughing several times with it’s smart wit. Funny things being delivered in not-too-obvious, not-too-hammering manner made this a pleasant thing to watch.
It looks to me like they’re airing the first episode on Monday night. I’ll try to catch that (although it’s airing against a new launch which I’ll need to record… looks like I’ll have to actually set the clock on the VCR again!)
One warning: WGN runs a fair amount of sports, which means you can’t count on other things actually airing as promised. I’ve only watched one episode, but I recorded two; the other one lost its first five minutes to a baseball game. Sigh.

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