Gossip Girl

Finally, a show that asks the question “if cattiness and light high-school-scale romantic entanglements happen to people who’ve not been shown to be interesting, will anyone care?”

Answer: not me. And all the voice of ol’ miss Veronica Mars narrating the piece does for me is to remind me there used to be a good teen series.

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  1. I had zero interest in GG to begin with and so far what little I’ve read in the way of reviews is not gonna persuade me to check it out.

    The only CW show I may have even a little interest in is Reaper, but I have less interest than I would have had they not unceremoniously cancelled Veronia. Sure, VM was showing some slippage, but it was still far better than anything else they show IMO. And being slotted opposite House doesn’t help either. I’ll probably end up taping Reaper to give it a try, but I think it will have to wow me if I’m to overcome my own personal Veronica backlash.

    (Despite my tendency to enjoy SF&F type shows, I just never warmed to the WB/CW’s Supernatural or Smallville and gave up on both early in their first seasons. Sure, it’s possible they may have gotten better—although I have no idea, really—but at this point I can’t see going back to try them again.)

  2. Honestly, I cannot blame The CW for cancelling Veronica; the ratings just weren’t there, and weren’t likely to be there.

    Smallville did get better… but then got much worse. Don’t now how it’s been since then.

  3. Oh, I don’t blame them for cancelling it either. I understand the low ratings factor—and those ratings were low even for the CW. On the other hand I thought the CW suits might hang their hats on the “critical darling” coat rack and renew it. Again, not surprised they didn’t, but thought they very well could have gone that route if they really wanted to.

    However, all that being said I’m thinking maybe it’s just as well for the Veronica Mars legacy for the show to have ended after three good seasons—though admittedly slightly less good each subsequent season. Perhaps a fourth year would have dropped the show down to “ordinary” and tarnished the memory. Of course, there’s no way of ever knowing.

    I will admit I was somewhat intrigued by the rumor of the show possibly being significantly reworked for the potential fourth season.

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