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Dan Vasser has come unstuck in time. He finds himself flashing backwards, where he is expected by Forces Not Yet Fully Known to fix problems, taking the knowledge of what really happened as a guide to what needs fixing. If that makes Journeyman sound like it’s not a quantum leap away from earlier time travel shows, then you’d be right.
In this series, they seem to be investing much in what the effect this time travel has on the personal life of the hero. There are complications about his love life, running into the ex-girlfriend who died, the fact that his wife was his cop brother’s ex-boyfriend, and so forth. There are dark things about himself. None of this is particularly interesting. And there is no sense of fun in any of it.
When I first saw the opening scene with the lead actor, I thought “that looks like actor Reed Diamond, if you attached him to a bicycle pump and pumped for too long.” Then the name Reed Diamond flashed on the screen, and I thought “oh no, they attached Reed Diamond to a bicycle pump!” And then I saw that Reed played the inflated guy’s cop brother, so that makes sense on a visual level. But I cannot say I was particularly impressed with the lead’s performance. I hope they didn’t just cast Diamond first and then tried to find a Reed Diamond Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon for the lead…
Skip this for a little while; I suspect that (despite the Heroes lead-in), you won’t have to skip it for long.

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  1. Just for the record I was not a QL fan and never watched it beyond the first episode. I never bought into the concept.

    This show may not interest me long term either, but I may try to stick with it a short while just because I’m a sucker for “How the heck are they gonna explain this in any way that could possibly make sense?” The fact that he can disappear while driving—resulting in a driverless car wreck—indicates randomness (or at least lack of personal control), which in turn hints at a less than satisfactory explanation or none at all.

    Anyway, there’s nothing else of interest to me mondays at 10 (although I really don’t need a 3-hour block of TV either with Chuck, which I liked well enough so far, and Heroes ahead of this one).

    But if there’s no hint of any explanations forthcoming anytime soon, then I very well may end up bailing.

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