Not Chuckin' Bad

Remember how I said that Journeyman was lacking in fun? Well, the new series Chuck is where they dumped all that extra fun. The slick showmaking of McG usually has very little meat behind it, but that’s actually not too much of a detriment here, in this silly espionage series about a guy who finds himself suddenly saddled with extensive and important knowledge. It’s action-filled, smoothly shot, sexy, and pretty darned silly, and that’s a nice break from the wide variety of Deeply Important police procedurals. This will not likely be smart fun like Buffy, but the central theme of an average or unlikely shmoe who gets pulled into the spy game has always appealed to me (see the Mrs. Pollifax book series for a fine example). So this goes into the same silly guilty pleasure list as the movie Gotcha.
But this would not be a proper Nat’s TV review without a nit to pick. The computer stuff is not only silly, it’s got signs of the older-writer-referencing-his-own-youth disease. The lead nd his roommate were programming a TRS-80 in college? TRS-80? A computer from before they were born? Nope. Don’t think so. Don’t buy it. (In contrast, the way they disabled the computer at a key moment was both telegraphed and silly, but quite in tone with what they’re doing.)
Problem: Chuck is up against How I Met Your Mother, and we are no longer a two DVR family. Going to have to keep using video tape! Yeep!

Tomorrow, I should have my review of the other new series where the lead sneaks out of his own birthday celebration in the pilot….

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  1. Cheap Custom Built Computers…

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…

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