Quick shots

  • Big Shots has an interesting batch of cast members, and I’m certainly interested in watching Josh Malina in anything he may do. He plays likable nerd in ways that the makers of Big Bang Theory will never understand. In this case, he plays the head of a pharmaceutical firm, part of a batch of high-powered friends… and I’m surprised that they didn’t change the tale a wee bit to make him a good-looking version of Bill Gates. All in all, the folks calling this a male Desperate Housewives aren’t just being imaginative; in ways, each of the characters equate with one of the housewives (although it’s an interesting statement in what they think people want that each of these guys is a powerful businessman). But within that, the pieces don’t have the range of Housewives at its launch – the funny is not as funny, and the serious isn’t as serious (although is more human-oriented than the mystery-oriented content of DH season 1). Watchable.
  • Life is not based on the movie, magazine, board game, or cereal of that name. Instead, it’s the tale of a falsely-convicted cop, now exonerated and wealthy, returned to the force as a detective. He’s coping with the repercussions of being in bad society for a decade by going through and taking seriously self-help books… and yet, he is still poorly-equipped to deal with society, and still befuddled by the tech advances that he did not experience.
    In some ways, this seems like someone watched Monk and thought “what if this was a more serious show”. Which is not to say that the detective here is at all as the same as the obsessive-compulsive detective from that other show, nor that there isn’t a long tradition of socially-awkward detectives. But the strong tying of the detective’s strengths to his weaknesses is apparent here; the hero has great insight in the case because he knows directly how prisoners act. Plus, both have a larger mystery – although while Monk blows its off, here it looks like the question of why our hero was falsely convicted will be The Running Storyline (to the extent that it creates worries that they’ll never get around to finishing it.)
    All in all, a sufficiently interesting first episode, worth watching a second.
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