Aliens and Vampires and Cavemen in America

  • Aliens in America is the case of not only a reasonably good show, but one that is in the right time-slot. This is a sitcom of a whitebread American family who take in a Pakistani exchange student. Both the focus on awkward schoolkids and the well-intentioned pro-human tone of the whole show make it a good pairing for Everybody Hates Chris (although there is the question of whether the black sitcom has become a demographic blocker that this will not be able to escape.) Some will probably sneer at the “political correctness” of having a a likable muslim exchange student, but what it is really about is being an outsider, and the focus of that is not the exchange student — it’s the family’s son. Worth checking out.
  • There is the thought that the vampire detective series Moonlight wants to capture the Buffy audience (given the vampire theme) or the Vermoica Mars audience (given the casting of VM’s old boyfriend as an ancient, young-looking powerful vamp, and the VM-linked inclusion of a reference to Hearst College). That thought would be in error. Both those series mixed a sense of wit in with their serious side. While this show isn’t as relentlessly dark as Bionic Woman or Journeyman. the detective stuff in the pilot wasn’t that interesting, and while clearly this will be a Larger Story series, there’s not enough in the pilot to drag me in. They smartly start out by laying out the Rules Of Vampirism in their continuity (basically, long-lived blood-drinkers without most of the traditional supernatural trappings). If you’re the sort of person who regularly invests themselves in smart genre shows, this is worth checking out – it isn’t that smart starting out, but it may grow with time. When I was younger, I might’ve followed this for a while. I am no longer younger.
  • The best thing about Cavemen is that now, when I tell people that Baby Bob is the best sitcom ever based on a series of TV commercials, it won’t be meaningless. The scary thing is that Baby Bob is far and away the best sitcom ever based on a series of TV commercials.
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  1. First of all, I found myself laughing a lot throughout Cavemen, so you may choose to disregard any further comments from me.

    Watching Moonlight, I heard the Hearst reference and wondered why it seemed familiar. Thanks for confirming the VM relation, but don’t you mean to refer to Jason Dohring as VM’s “boy”friend?

    PS: I also enjoyed Baby Bob. I have a total weakness for anything that involves the manipulation of babies or animals for comedic purposes.

  2. Whoops — I won’t go into the state of destractedness I was in when I wrote that message, but your correction is correct and has been incorporated into the text.

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed Cavemen — I guess I’m just not its target.

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