Still kickin' butt

It’s always a risk, coming back for another season of a good hit show. The folks on the other side of the camera have a chance to move on to make The Next Thing, and what you come back to can be a bad echo of what was working. Or the same folks can be behidn the scenes, and will have run through all they had to say, and thus have run dry.
With the second episode the season, House just showed that that was not a problem. It was both a typical and atypical episode; typical in that it took a tough-to-diagnose problem and ran it through a wide range of interesting and unlikely approaches. In fact, this aspect was ever-so-much-moreso than normal, for the same reason the episode was atypical: House was working with a huge cast of potential assistants, peppering him with that many more ideas. And with the idea that some of these folks might end up permanent, they did some smart casting — there were a number of recognizable actors in the batch. Not big names, generally it’s “hey, it’s that guy!” types… but folks recognizable enough that you could believe they might be added to the cast.
Anyway, it was one of the top three episodes of this quality series, and that’s a good sign.

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