Floweringshoving 101

At the Comic-Con International San Diego this year, they were giving out a free Pushing Daisies comic book, promoting the new TV series. I took one and didn’t acually read it — but it wasn’t until I watched the pilot that I recognized that it was an apt choice of promotion. Pushing Daisies feels lie a good independent humor comic book or graphic novel (say, Halo & Sprocket or Banana Sunday), embracing a silly concept but bringing a solid stylistic approach and a complete worldview to it.
It’s the tale of a piemaker with the power to raise the dead for a brief period. Chi Mc”Desmond Pfeiffer”Bride plays a detective pal who helps exploit this power for profit, asking questions of the murdered to help earn rewards. And then there’s the love interest with the problematic twist . Simple tools, used well.
They even echo comics by using omniscient narration (something almost never done on TV otherwise, although getting ever rarer in comics as well.) Frankly, the narration was overdone at the beginning, to annoying effect, but by the end of the pilot (titled “pie-lette”, not meaningful enough a title to really qualify as a pun), either they’d lightened up on it or I’d become accustomed to it.
One of my friends was raving over having a bunch of Broadway musical stars in a TV show (it’s not, I should note, a musical series, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they exploited that possibility at some point; it would work stylistically in the show.) What I found interesting is how the local advertisers exploited this — the show had ads for the local performances of Avenue Q (which Mrs. Nat’s TV and I considered going to see tomorrow for our anniversary) and Wicked (which we are going to see instead.) This isn’t a market where plays are usually advertised during major network prime time.
Anyway, Pushing Daisies gets a real recommendation based on the pilot, but I’ll be curious to see how well they can keep it going (particularly since I assume the big time Hollywood director of episode 1 won’t be sticking around.) Whoops — just checked IMDB, and they list Big Time Hollywood Director (Barry Sonnenfeld of Men In Black and Get Short, as well as Wild Wild West in which I starred. Well, I think my bald spot is recognizable in one shot) as doing at least three episodes. More reason for hope!

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