Is this why they're giving the arrow-slinger a second shot?

Just after having posted my previous comment, I stop by writer Mark Evanier’s blog and am reminded of the looming TV writers’ strike. Suddenly, I’m wondering if this is why Cupid is being revived — whether it’s so that, if a strike does happen, ABC has a “new” series with most of a season’s worth of good scripts (okay, I don’t remember if they were all good) on hand so they can keep making new shows without writers. Previous WGA strikes brought us other show revivals, such as The New Odd Couple and Mission: Impossible, although those two were obviously of shows that had been more successful the first time ’round and had many more episodes which could be cherry-picked for remaking.
It also gets me thinking about what else I’d be looking at doing if I were a network programmer facing an empty slate. Would I try rerunning cable originals like The Closer or Damages or those cable-original Law’n’Order: Whichever episodes? Would I pull “TV-as-a-museum” stunts and run, say, a night of the classic CBS sitcom line-up of the 1970s, or episodes of the original British The Office? Could I contractually get away with funding BBC productions for immediate rerun in the States (“Hey, Mr. Whedon, about that Buffy spin-off Ripper that you’ve been planning…”)?
But on the off chance that the networks are coming to my blog looking for ideas, I’d just like to remind them: there are twenty-five The Nanny scripts begging to be filmed!

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