It's Viva, because it's no Bounty, and it ain't great, Scott…

…and it’s paper-thin and will soon throw in the towel.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with thinking “how can we make a series musical work on TV”. There’ve been some interesting failures along the way. But Viva Laughlin? This ain’t the answer. They throw it into an not particularly apt story (drama around a new casino), pick existing hit songs that are far too on-the-mark for what’ they’re portraying (look, we can show Hugh Jackman is evil by having him sing “Sympathy for the Devil”! And that way we show off how we’re throwing our budget at the thing), and don’t know how to set or shoot a musical scene (hey, we’ve got Hugh Jackman, a guy who can really dance! Let’s show that by having each cut last a second, max!)

But the thing that will linger with me in regards to this series? The degree to which the supposedly-tough central character, the man building the casino, the powerhouse, reminds me in both looks and delivery of Robert Reed… you know, the dad on the Brady Bunch.

No more for me.

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  1. I was never a Brady Bunch fan, but am certainly familiar with it. I know Lloyd Owen (and his “look” has not significantly changed) from Coupling and Monarch of the Glen, both BBC imports aired on PBS, and yet I’d never noticed the resemblance to Robert Reed, but you’re dead on. Amazing.

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