Sam and the Who – not a Dr. Suess crossover

Samantha Who? is about a gal who has amnesia. Not just any kind of amnesia – convenient amnesia, the kind that strikes TV characters, leaving them with reasonable working knowledge of the world and no knowledge of themself, and a clean slate for attitude.
But that’s not a complaint. This is just the central conceit of the series. You assume it and move on from there.
In this case, you move on to a good place. Now, I’ve never been a follower of Christine Applegate, and she comes across as competent but not amazing in her lead role. But then you start to see the other actresses filling out the show’s roster. The lovely Jennifer Esposito (part of the mighty roster of comedically talented women who were rotated through Spin City, until they finally gave up on looking for comedy talent and got Heather Locklear), Melissa McCarthy (of Gilmore Girls), and make-Nat-happiest-of-all, Jean Smart (rather than steering you to her various strong TV performances, let me remind you of her wonderfulicious performance in Garden State) all get to strut their stuff here.
So the story is about the fact that amnesiac Samantha doesn’t remember whot a scum she used to be… and ends up tripping over her past. But at the heart of this series, it’s about, well, the start of college. The time when you’re not sure who you’re supposed to be, and since nobody there knows who you are, you have a chance to redefine yourself — with all the potential mistakes that opportunity brings.
The logic of this is not all to be bought – even if her changes are to be a better person (which seems to be the intent), they would likely end up driving away those closest to her. But hey, that’s not the point. It’s a somewhat silly series, well-played (although whoever suggested that Jenna Elfman would’ve been a more brilliant fit for the lead is right, but Applegate is holding up her end), and well worth checking out.

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