Things that hit me hard

I will confess that I’m not the stereotypical manly man. I am capable of crying. On rare occasions, life leads me that way. More often, it’s art. The movie scenes that can cause it pop up from time to time.
And there are three songs.
And a handful of comics stories.
This is the latest. Link via Newsarama.

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Spoiler alert: Scrubs and House

Okay, don’t read this if you’re waiting to see this week’s House or the episode of Scrubs from about a week-and-a-half back.
But if you’ve already seen both this week’s House and the episode of Scrubs from about a week-and-a-half back, then you know what I’m going to say.
Sometimes, to shows do the same story by coincidence… but with medical stories, I’m guessing that both simply stole from some real case recently written up in the literature, a case in where someone had an illness that sure looked like Lyme disease, but the lack of a visible bite rash and some other distracting information kept the bite under the hair from being detected. Even given that, it’s odd to see that same thing be the key story element on two shows that are about as different as you can get while fitting the “medical show” label. Still, it was like watching a rerun in some way. (But well worth it, in that I’m enjoying House this year far more than Scrubs.)

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Too bzzzzy

Little Miss Nat’s TV and I went to see The Bee Movie a few days ago, and lemme tell ya, it’s pretty bad. Its humor is weak, its logic is weaker, but the real weakness was the computer animation.
Don’t get me wrong – they certainly threw enough processor cycles at it. Every hair on anyone’s head is fully defined and has its own motion. In fact, that’s the problem. Every hair is defined. Everything is as precisely correct as it could be. No one seemed to ask about whether it should all be defined. It created a visual blandness, and a problematic lack of contrast between foreground and background; everything is too busy, and thus too bland.
And some of the animation instincts seem to come from the wrong place. If you watch the facial expression on the lead female character, it’s all very fully rendered versions of very simple cartoon expressions, with carefully-rendered frame-by-frame rendering of the in-between images. It’s like when someone takes a simple comic drawing and renders it with lots of modeling, reflections, and flares, losing what works in the simplicity and not gaining from truly-informed subtleties. Ugly, ugly movie.
And, of course, there’s product placement. Yes, I’m spending that money to go see an ad for Cinnabon. Unsurprising, for a movie where even the TV ads had sponsors.
But at least it’s out now, which means we’re past the worst of the endless stream of promotion. I keep expecting to see Jerry Seinfeld every time I open the closet.

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The real results from the writers' strike

The real number I’m interested in seeing from the writer’s strike is not the new deal terms (although I’m wishing my WGA friends good results in that).
No, what I want to see is what the US birth rate is nine months from now. How much will the absence of late-night TV leave people engaging in more traditional nighttime entertainment?

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Heathen Foreigners

When Rudy Giuliani makes a big deal of how his experience running NYC will help him be a president who keeps foreigners from crossing the borders, I wonder: just how many New Jerseyians did he keep out of the city?

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Whedon Back on TV


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