The high points of the year

It wouldn’t do just to post the disappointments of the year, when there have been a lot of TV, umm, appointments this year:

  • 10. Nekkid Holly Hunter – perhaps not quite the only reason to watch Saving Grace, so I’ll pretend I watch it for the other reasons
  • 9. Streaming TV – more and more of it available legally from the network as a back-up for when you miss something. Sure could be a lot of money in this for them. Might be nice if their contracts actually reflected this financial potential…
  • 8. My So-Called Life on DVD – yes, it’s been done before, but this time it’s not being done by a criminal, and it’s well-done and still available
  • 7. Friday Night Lights survives – not that it didn’t round things out nicely in season one, but it’s nice to see something get the benefit of the doubt
  • 6. Mad Men – because slick and stylish is fun to watch, even if the slickness and stylishness is the focus of its social criticism
  • 5. Rob Riggle talks about the administration and the war – because you can see some well-earned, barely concealed rage of the American fighting man behind that broad smile
  • 4. Buffy Season 8 – sure, it’s in comics, not on TV… but it’s Joss Whedon giving us more Buffy!
  • 3. House – because just when the show risks puttering out, they devise a season plan that gives it some fresh and worthwhile meat
  • 2. Corner Gas – because when the writers’ strike is going, it’s good to have several seasons of good fun sitcommery already on hand. Thanks, Canada!
  • 1. Pushing Daisies – non-standard, clever, and smooth
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