Putting the Lie in Eli?

Eli Stone, about a lawyer who is having visions and is moved to good works, is smoothly made. And while there are supreme differences, it has a major factor in common with the earlier called-by-god series Joan of Arcadia. In Joan, it seemed like something they wanted you to consider only in the first episode; in Eli, it’s feeling more like an accident, but I would be glad to be wrong.
The similarity? Things make more sense if you believe that he is not being led by a force for good, but misled by a force for evil. If you haven’t watched ES, you can skip the rest if this post, it won’t mean anything to you.

Still here? Okay, consider that:

  • The singer in his visions is George Michael, who is now noted less as a saintly figure than as a man who engages in sex in public restrooms.
  • The song that is invoked is the one to which Eli first had (premarital) sex.
  • The woman he comes out in support of was the woman who premaritally took his virginity
  • In following this call, he took the ethically questionable step of abandoning his client to stand for their opposition, without any sign of client approval or of client malfeasance.
  • The case that he won was in support of a medical theory that has not stood up to real-world scrutiny, and the victory will make needed vaccines less affordable, not exactly a rousing triumph

Of course, the show is pushing that the visions are medically inspired and may well have no supernatural hand in them… but it still leaves those rooting for the protagonist’s transformation in the position of possibly supporting evil

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