Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, is an action series at heart, like so little that I watch. Tied into the movie series, all of which I’ve watched, but none of which captured me to the degree that bred T2 die-hards. The folks behind this seems to be working hard to try to make a working ongoing plot structure out of a time-travel threat that is hard to build complexity into.
But they didn’t build in any fun. Nothing intriguing, nothing humorous. Nothing that pulls me in like the dozens of ways that Buffy did. I don’t know why I’ve watched two-and-a-half episodes so far (admittedly, not always paying close attention)… although do have to give them strong points for who they cast as the character who takes the T2 Schwarzenegger-style role. Summer Glau, who mixed a distant, unreadable-but-thinking look with impressive motion when playing River Tam on Firefly brings much the same effect to killer robothood. But that doesn’t give me enough reason to care what happens. Done watching, I think.

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