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I like drinking weird soda. Folks who have been to my parties can tell you that I usually have an assortment of oddments. Rose petal soda, Kickapoo Joy Juice. Classic stuff like Moxie (which proves to be vile), or Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar. Various root beers. Coffee sodas, mint sodas, candy corn flavored sodas. Cheerwine and Bubble Up.

Some of the flavors seem to be novelties, and most of those are good only for novelty value. Jones Soda, now the most visible of the odd brands, is good at this. While this is to be expected with their aggressively-novelty holiday sodas like Thanksgiving gravy soda, the sad truth is even their more day-to-day sodas tend to be merely aggressively sweet and not that tasty.

But every once in a while, I find something that would seem to be a novelty but is actually really good. The latest find, a true surprise is Mr. Q. Cumber, billing itself as “the original cucumber soda”. The pitch is not misleading – it truly does taste like cucumber. And as surprising as this may sound, that works. It’s tasty and sweet enough that it’s good for drinking on its own, and yet it’s not so overpowering that you couldn’t have it with somewhat subtle food.

So, where can you find this odd drink? Danged if I know. I did a web search, and there are exactly zero references to this soda on the web. The bottle has a web address on it for the manufacturer, but the website is just a holding space. I’ve found references to a couple other drinks from the same manufacturer (including the first sugar-free carbonated milk beverage in the USA — i.e., a soda-like product designed to be acceptable in school vending machines). I’m lucky enough to live relatively near a soda specialty store where I can find stuff like this.

But if you do see it, give it a try. At the very least, you’ll have something to tell your pals about. And at best, you’ll have a new good soda to drink… whenever you can find it.

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  1. I found this CBS news item saying that a Pepsi cucumber soda was made and marketed only in Japan and only last summer.

    I drink water 99% of the time, but when I have a soda I mostly go for orange flavor with root beer or birch beer as the rare occasional switch-off beverage (or lemonade though it’s not a soda). Generally I’m not what you would call experimental or adventurous when it comes to such things.

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