Guest stars aplenty

Today’s Boston Legal had Scott Bakula, Alison La Placa, and even the great George Wyner! Somebody likes me, and most of these folks I’ve not seen in a while. The show may be utterly disposable entertainment, but …

Oh, wait, I just realized, they have La Placa and Laroquette … its a The John Laroquette Show reunion!

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  1. I did not watch the episode yet, but my local paper noted the Scott Bakula / Candace Bergen reunion from Murphy Brown. However, when I looked up last night’s TV schedule at TitanTV, I noticed Alison Laplaca’s name in the Boston Legal write-up and immediately thought of THAT reunion as you noted. Of course, we may be the only two people in America (other than Larroquette and Laplaca themselves) to so note it…

  2. I think it’s odd how much the Laroquette show has fallen off of the radar. It did, after all, run four seasons. Was a pretty good, dark sitcom at the start. Then they lightened it up season by season, making it less good… and for a couple of seasons, got ratings bumps because of it, if memory serves.

    I saw a taping of it once. That bus depot was the biggest sitcom set I’ve seen!

    Haven’t seen it rerun anywhere.

  3. And I was in the shower when the far more obvious point about Bakula guest-starring: that it’s part of the long tradition of Star Trek cast members on Boston Legal.

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