TV Ketchup

Yes, yes, I’ve fallen behind in the key point of the blog — reviewing new TV shows. I was a little lagged, and dealing with Gerber’s death didn’t really encourage me. But TV waits for no man.

  • The biggest one is, I suppose, the telemovie pilot for the new Knight Rider. Now, some reviews will probably tell you that this is a shallow, silly action piece. Yes, it is. And that’s really exactly what Knight Rider should be! Dadgummit, we need something basic and silly and that the whole family can watch if they choose to. Of course, I will not choose to… but I’m much happier seeing this as it is rather than seeing the overt attempts to take things that worked in their straightforward form and make them ornate intertwined serious drama pieces. Witness Bionic Woman and Kolchak – in making them modern, did they really make them more interesting to the modern viewer than simply doing the basic action silliness with today’s production quality? Yeah, yeah, I know. Battlestar Galactica works with the heavy dramafication. But this is a talking car show.
  • Amnesia is a quiz show where people are quizzed about details of their life… which means it’s a quiz show where you can’t reasonably try to answer the question, losing much of the fun right there. And they must be running out of people to host these things, because they dipped down to Dennis Miller — once a respectable comedian, evolved into a shrill conservative commentator whose wisdom never reached the level of his wit, even as the wit waned. But as embarrassing as he was to watch for a while, he seems even more embarrassed to be here, reading stiffly from the teleprompter. This is the sort of thing that will make both the network and audiences glad that the writers are back. (Mrs. Nat’s TV’s response was a) Who Cares? and b) Too Much Information!)
  • Welcome to the Captain hits one of my sore spots – it’s a show about a TV writer. Writers: if the only thing you can write about is a very literal version of yourself, it’s time to see the world and learn about other people. Having said that, this does actually have some basic solid sitcom structure behind it – underexposed young man moves into an apartment building with odd friends and wacky characters. And using Raquel Welch as the sexy older lady and Jeffrey Tambor as the experienced gentleman – in this case an older sitcom writer – both please me. It’s got sitcom-level schemes but plays it a bit quieter than some, and all in all is not vital but watchable.
  • For various reasons, I’ve yet to catch Lipstick Jungle. I don’t feel terribly put out by this

Yes, yes, a shallow bunch of reviews. But I feel like I’ve done my duty for now.

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