Despite the title, it's not the sequel to Stuck On You

The Farrelly Brothers produce interesting work. They are known for films filled with low humor… but their films rise above that description, because for crude material they are unexpectedly pro-human. (They actually are smart enough to start from the bottom up, taking an existing basic solid comedy script and then hanging the outrageous material on it, rather than just creating a reason for a string of outrageous incidents.) Their love of humanity shows in the likability of many of their characters (and in the special affection they show for the mentally handicapped.)

So now they have a TV show, in the “crudity” slot — on Fox, after repulsive animated series Family Guy. The two shows make up an hour slot, so except for weirdos like me, they’ll only be watched by FG viewers.

Which is a shame, because there is at least some heart to this show about a newly-single man and his single friends. It’s crude… but mostly in form of sexual enthusiasm. And that is very human indeed.

Having said that, by the second show they were plotwise in very familiar sitcom territory – guy obsesses about the one imperfection of an otherwise perfect gal. Formatwise, they didn’t do anything with it that hasn’t been done in many sitcoms since Seinfeld.

Still, the show has some charms, and a nice visual look. I’m sticking with it and hoping it pulls to its better intents. It’s no How I Met Your Mother (and yes, that’s my measuring stick among things on the air), but it is worthwhile.

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