Who invited Jezebel Jane back, anyway?

The Return of Jezebel Jane, currently being quickly burned off on Friday nights, is a frustrating show. Because if you watch it, it’s about a shrill and unlikable single book editor who ends up using her somewhat estranged sister as a childbirth surrogate. It’s not very appealing. But if you close your eyes and listen to the dialog, picture it on the page… it’s actually pretty good. They’ve got a good script. It’s just being horribly directed and acted. Which is strange, because the writer of the pilot was also the director — Amy Sherman-Palladino, talented creator of The Gilmore Girls. And the lead is Parker Posey, who has certainly done good work before (although most notably as annoying or unlikable characters.)

Oh, okay, you aren’t all writers. Don’t picture it on the page. Picture Kelsey Grammer delivering the same lines. Taking time, giving inflection, doing pauses, showing signs that he’s aware of what he’s saying. You know, it’s really sad when a 53-year-old man would be a better choice — a much better choice — for delivering lines about trying to get pregnant.

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  1. I didn’t watch the show and don’t plan to because there’s nothing about it which draws me to it. However, just for the record and the sake of clarity/correctness I thought I should probably point out that the title character is Jezebel James.

    Of course, to be honest I read this entry not long after it was posted and I didn’t notice the error then so it’s probably an easy and natural mistake to make. Only upon visiting now did I realize (for some reason) that I thought the name was wrong so I dug up last week’s TV listings supplement from my local paper which featured the show on the cover and confirmed it.

  2. Whoops — I spent so much mind memory reminding myself that it wasn’t Jezebel Jade (the name of a Jonny Quest character) that I lost track of what it was.

    Doesn’t matter. Will be a footnote in TV history quite soon.

  3. In fact, I just saw a headline this afternoon in one of my iGoogle feeds and the blurb indicated that the show is already dropped after only three episodes. Unless I misunderstood something—which is possible because I honestly didn’t care enough to look into it in more detail.

    (And BTW thanks for the bit of spring cleaning around here.)

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