Nat solves all the world's major problems – installment 1 of presumably many

Time to solve the fuel problem.

I read an article earlier today that said that we can save gas by slowing down — that over the speed of 60 MPH, every additional 10 MPG deducts 4 from our MPG, and that holds surprisingly true as a constant. So, they would have as go slower to save small amounts of gas.

But – now stay with me here – what if we went the other way. The car I drive gets around 30 miles per gallon at 60 MPH. What if I were to drive it at 140 MPH? I’d be going 80 – that’s 8 tens – MPH over 60, which means I’d drive my MPG down by 8-times-4, which is 32. Subtract that from the 30 MPG that I usually get, that means I’d be getting negative two miles per gallon. Now, negative 2 doesn’t sound like very much, but if I were to drive for an hour at that speed, I’d have gone 140 miles, which means that I would have used negative 70 gallons of gas. That’s right, my car would have generated 70 gallons of gas.

Now doing this would be dangerous, of course. My gas tank won’t hold 70 gallons. It holds about 10, which means that it would fill up in 20 miles, and beyond that I would be spilling gas all over the road. But if I cut down to 130 mph for 20 miles, I’d use up those 10 gallons again. So the practical and safe thing to do is to alternate between going 140 MPH for a fixed distance, and then covering that same distance again at 130.

Really, given the purity of this math, I don’t see how we can not adopt this as a standard policy.

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  1. The purity of your Math seems suspect for some reason, but I’d like to try driving 140 MPH for a few weeks.

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