I was right

I’ve been predicting for months that the first War On Terror-themed fiction film to make a real profit at the box office would be Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. All these serious and well-intentioned (and in some cases even good) takes on it aren’t things that people are ready to see… but they’re ready to admit the ridiculousness of it all.

Opening weekend estimates have H&K2 bringing in $14.5 mill, which is more than its production budget, and is less than half a million shy of what Lions For Lambs, with its killer Redford/Streep/Cruise cast, brought in during its entire domestic run. It’s more than the lauded Stop-Loss did during its entire run. It’s a little shy of what the $70 million budgeted, $47.5 million grossing The Kingdom did during its first weekend, but 50% more than Charlie Wilson’s War‘s opening (so I guess NPH is a bigger box office draw than Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts combined.)

Still haven’t seen the film myself, but they’ll get my money likely before the week is through. (It looks to be a heavy movie period for me, as I saw the enjoyable Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Friday, and will definitely be seeing Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and Speed Racer on the big screen, with the likely additions of Baby Mama and Young @ Heart.

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