Nat Solves All The World's Major Problems #2: the airline crisis

With prices being driven up (and silly steps like charging for any luggage and ceasing giving out peanuts being used to keep prices down), the airline business is clearly in crisis. They need more passengers taking trips. So here’s what I suppose.

  • Have there be one state, just one state, where out-of-state gay couples can get legally married.
  • Take another state – make it a highly populated one with a strong urban center so that there will be plenty of gay couples – and have them not let gay couples get married, but have the state recognize such gay marriages that take place in any state where such marriage is legal.

To maximize the gain to the airline industry, let’s places these states on opposite sides of the continents. Think of all the flying that will take place for marriages, to attend the wedding ceremony, and so forth. Problem solved.


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James Kolchaka needs to know…

Monkeys control robots with their minds.

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Reality has a price

The Hollywood Reporter notes that there is pressure on reality TV producers to turn out shows more cheaply. Here are a few I think we’ll see in the coming year:

  • Who Wants To Marry A Guy With A Nice Car?
  • Girl and the Geek
  • Are You Taller Than a Fifth Grader?
  • Extreme Makeover: Porch Edition
  • Lunch or No Lunch
  • Survivor: Elevator
  • So You Think You Can Spit
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News of the obvious

The PBS show In The Mix wants kids to know:

Well, believe it or not, the majority of young people under 18 are still virgins.

Well, yes. But believe it or not, the majority of young people under 18 are still under 10.

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Tattoos meet silicone?

Fox is developing The Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx, a cartoon based on rock star Tommy Lee; one has to wonder how long it will be before a Jimmy Jaxx/Stripperella sex tape surfaces.

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Legalized gay marriage in my state! Yeeehaw!

And despite what the anti-family types think, I’m not going to run off and marry a man because of it. Quite the opposite, it adds solidity to my sex-mixing marriage, because it confirms that my wife was my choice, and it means that the legal institution of marriage is not being used primarily as abase for legal discrimination.

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Great and underblogged

Sometimes you see a line in a TV show or movie, and recognize that it’s going to be the one that everyone quotes.

And on Lost this week, they had such a line, and I just did a blog check, and no one had quoted.

So, here’s the line which seemed like one of those great action scene lines:

“I fixed your gun.”

(Yeah, yeah, derived of context it may not seem to be much. But yes, in the moment… sweetness.)

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Them crazy credits

What do you get when you mix the a writer from Law & Order: Criminal Intent with the writers of the Will Ferrell skating goof movie Blades of Glory?

No, guess again.

No again.

Yes, that’s it – you get the new version of the educational kiddie show The Electric Company.

Of course!

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Saved by the bell of doom

Well, it looks like Back To You won’t be around long enough to dump Patricia Heaton (and thus clear out all of its original female cast members), as Fox has given it the ax.

But wait, there’s hope, as they’re now trying to see if CBS (who is adding more sitcoms) might pick it up. I’m going to bet “no”, although it would be tempting to try to keep some major portion of the cast and crew of that one together.

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Does whatever an iron can!

Look, the moment I heard that they cast Robert Downey Jr. in the role, I knew that there was someone thinking clearly behind the Iron Man film, and had good expectations for it. I felt it was one of those exactly-right casting choices, and the film itself, and the critical response, proved me right. And it’s a very good, very watchable film, doing a good job of keeping strongly to the source material without being an awkward kludge. Visually lovely, witty, and fun.

But having said that, there were a few things that seemed to me to be missed opportunities or going more to an overused trope than need be. Consider the Spoiler Alert about Iron Man flag to be flying.

  • This is not a superhero film, in that Iron Man does not act as a superhero during it. His actions are all either self-defense, correcting mistakes he himself wrought, or revenge (even though it may benefit someone else along the way.) This isn’t Spidey swinging through the city looking for crime. Sadly, this is a common element of a number of supposedly-superhero films… and comic books as well. And I’m not saying that there isn’t room for things like X-Men and Hulk that run on this self-defense motif, I just think that we could use a bit more real superhero out there, folks who are intentionally improving the world through their actions. (Having said that, there is some legitimacy to doing the movie like this, in that in the comic book, Iron Man is often working in his bodyguard/protector of Stark Industries form.)
  • The big confrontation is Iron Man versus the bigger, eviler version of himself created in reaction to his existence. Didja see the trailer for the Hulk film? Looks like the big battle is Hulk versus the bigger, eviler version of himself created in reaction to his existence. Me, I don’t agree with the villain-must-be-tied-to-the-hero’s-origin assumption that runs through almost all superpower movies… and the pairing of Iron Man and Hulk storylines just seems to hammer it in.
  • The use of “Jarvis” as the name for the computer interface is a cute little reference, but would seem to take Jarvis the Butler himself off of the table as a character for any upcoming Avengers film. Which is a shame, because that’s the character in The Avengers with the most interesting point of view.
  • When the cell phone rang, I didn’t recognize the tune (I’ve never watched those old Marvel cartoons), but just because of the way it was featured, I thought “I bet that’s the theme for some old Iron Man cartoon”. Which means it maybe should’ve been more subtle.
  • But I liked the Stan Lee cameo much better than other folks seem to have. Confusing Stan Lee with Hugh Hefner is actually legit; they are really parallel people, these two magazine-creators with strong comics interest who go on to serve as visible figureheads. Yes, the man who named Bruce Banner has a lot in common with the man who named Barbi Benton.

It ain’t perfect, but it’s a pretty darned good film. If you think you might wanna see it, you probably do.

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