Nat Solves All The World's Major Problems #2: the airline crisis

With prices being driven up (and silly steps like charging for any luggage and ceasing giving out peanuts being used to keep prices down), the airline business is clearly in crisis. They need more passengers taking trips. So here’s what I suppose.

  • Have there be one state, just one state, where out-of-state gay couples can get legally married.
  • Take another state – make it a highly populated one with a strong urban center so that there will be plenty of gay couples – and have them not let gay couples get married, but have the state recognize such gay marriages that take place in any state where such marriage is legal.

To maximize the gain to the airline industry, let’s places these states on opposite sides of the continents. Think of all the flying that will take place for marriages, to attend the wedding ceremony, and so forth. Problem solved.


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