A plain sight

The new USA network series In Plain Sight is about a federal marshal who works on the witness protection program… which means that it’s inherently about failure. If the system is shown as working, if giving federal witnesses new identities protects them, there won’ t be much for the show to be about.

The show is also very girly, in a very calculated way. The lead is a female, pretty, strong, but faced with emotional friction with her mother and sister. Her partner is a man with better knowledge and skills, but she’s the one who will solve things because of her instincts and emotional awareness. The ongoing men in the series are either trying to figure her out enough to buy her a present, or are revealing that they want a relationship deeper than the sexual one they have. And yes, the sex partner is hunky. We learn she smells pretty, despite not wearing perfume. I’m half expecting to learn that her eyes change color to match her emotions.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a women’s power fantasy show. Well, not that there is anything inherently wrong with a women’s power fantasy show; there are things wrong with this show, and not just that it’s built around failure. There is a clunkiness in the storytelling; things are either too obvious (particularly some expository dialogue) or needlessly complicated. The mystery on the first episode seemed to throw in suspects just because that’s what makes it a mystery, and solves it not via logic nor adventure, but merely through revelation.

So, judging from the one extended episode, this is a show where I’m not the target audience, and is not good enough to overcome that fact. I might watch a couple more, because, well, it’s the summer season and there’s not much else on. But it’s not something I can plug.

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