add-on update cards for Starcrossed game players

I hope my regular readers will forgive me posting this.

There’s this game, Starcrossed: Hollywood’s Movie Game. Basically, it’s a commercial version of the six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon concept; you pull out two cards featuring movie stars and try to connect them via movies they were in with other stars who were in movies with other stars who were in… well, you get the drift. Or you pull two cards with movies, and try to connect them via the stars. There’s a game board, bonus rounds, and so forth. It’s a game, and it’s the favorite at our weekly game nights.

Problem is, the game is from 1996, which means that all of the movies referenced are from then or earlier. It was a small irritant in normal playing, and one member of our crew always insisted that there must be an update, updated cards with new movies and new stars. But there wasn’t. (The original set was not only the only Starcrossed thing issued, it appears to be the only game published by “Dunaway Partners, Inc.”, two brokers and a graphic designer.) And it became a real issue when a teenager wanted to join us in play. So I spent a surprisingly long time yesterday and put together a set of 10  movie cards and 10 star cards, which should be compatible with movie connections playing. Here, in PDF form, are the front and the back of the cards.

The trick is to print them on those sheets of print-your-own-business-cards stock available at any office supply store. Cut each card in half, and they’ll be the right size to fit correctly into your card boxes.

If any Starcrossed board game fan out there does card sets of their own, let me know; I’d like to have more cards without taking the time to work them up myself. Oh, and let me share with you our own favorite house rule: if you land on the final Take Two on the board, treat it like a Take Three. If someone can name three films with both of the listed stars, they’re allowed to move three spaces and thus get into the final round. For most Take Two cards, it isn’t possible, but its a way to keep that hope alive in the final stretch.

And now, we return you to our normal blog. With luck, the search engines will index this page, and the two or three people out there who would be interested will find this.

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