What humans can do

There’s this episode of the worshipable series SportsNight where Dana, who has just gone to see the Broadway musical adaptation of The Lion King, comes back totally enraptured. She felt it was an amazing creation, the whole thing a sign of the greatest of what humans are capable of. “I didn’t know we could do that!” she gushes. But the play she was gushing about was a Disney production; the network the showed aired on was ABC, a Disney-owned network. It felt like awkward product placement.

I went to see Wall-E yesterday. It is an achievement, an almost completely artificial construct, brought about by the designs of humans: writers, actors, many tons of artists, musicians, and so forth. And it’s fun, and it has honest intent, and it speaks of the dire parts of humanity, but of the better aspects as well. It speaks of danger and of hope. It is truly a fine example of what humans can do when they choose to.

And yes, it’s a Disney product.

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  1. I still recall vividly that scene from SportsNight as one of the worst examples of supposed synergy ever foisted by one element of a corporate entity on another. I always felt sorry for Felicity Huffman for having to say those words. We were supposed to believe that her character, this sophisticated Manhattanite, director of a television show, was so ignorant about live theatre that this one performance of The Lion King (I think she had taken her niece) induced such an epiphany. At least Roseanne attempted a satirical episode about a Disneyesque company opening a theme park outside of Lanford, although it was after they did a fawning pair of episodes with the family traveling to Disney World.

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