I was going to say that Canada’s been starting to bring its A game to TV these days, but I think what I really mean is that they’ve been doing quality attempts at American prime time-style shows, and are ready to start moving in. Corner Gas is one clear example. Flashpoint is another.

Flashpoint stars Canadian-born Enrico Colantoni, star of Just Shoot Me, as someone with a very different view of people being shot: he’s head of a SWAT team. Yes, it’s a police show, and no, there’s no shortage of those out there. But this one at least starts smart — the first half of the first episode depicts the SWAT team in action in a tense situation,. The second half focused on the effect of the first half on the team members. So now we have an understanding of what these folks do, of the stakes at hand, and that it has an impact. Where do they go from here? Will it be a procedural situation of the week, or will it be more of an inner character drama? Whatever way they go, the setup allows us to take it seriously.

(One minor disappointment — from some shots in the ads, I thought Kyle Secor from Homicide and Enrico’s Veronica Mars was possibly on the series. But instead, it’s Hugh Dillon, who does a fine job… but Kyle is one of those people I simply like watching, having watched him bring his game in other good series.)

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