Chickeny meatloaf

Now working on a meatloaf with:

  • 20 ounces ground chicken (so I’m going with less “base meat” than usual, aiming for a smaller loaf.
  • Vegetarian refried beans (which I went ahead and added the whole can of, just to not end up with a partial can of this stuff laying around. So that’s 16 ounces right there, which kills this being a truly smaller meatloaf, although it’s not as overstuffed as some.)
  • Half a can of leftover canned pasta (shaped like Peanuts characters) with meatballs
  • Raisin bran
  • A little hunk of leftover salmon, maybe 3 ounces
  • Two veggie burgers
  • One medium egg

I wanted to add barbecue sauce, but looking at the sheer amount of sodium in the above – certainly more than 200% of the recommended daily allowance – I had to shy away. Watching the blood pressure, doncha know. And it’s not that I’m going to eat the whole meatloaf all by myself in one sitting, but I do consume hearty amounts of these things pretty quickly.

It’s now sitting in the fridge, and I’ll put it in the oven about halfway through Xanadu (never saw it before, got a kid who likes musicals, and it was on sale with a free ticket for Mama Mia! for about 20 cents more than buying a ticket for Mama Mia!, which Mrs. Nat’s TV wanted to see. Plus, it came with a free soundtrack CD, so if the wee lass likes it, we got a bargain.)

Added later: At least a medium success here. The result is definitely food, and nicely edible food. It is not, however, quite meatloaf. It came out too moist and soft to really invoke “meatloaf” in the mind. And considering the small amount of salmon present, that really is the strong central taste factor, which works (and means the barbecue sauce would likely have been a mistake). Plus, we all get to play “guess which Peanuts character is in this bite!”

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