The job title I want

I don’t want the job, just the job title presented in this headline:

CBS Dubs Jennifer Bresnan Reality Chief

I mean, really. “Reality Chief”. That speaks of such power. I AM IN CHARGE OF REALITY, AND WHAT I SAY, GOES!

If you find a job application for that slot, let me know. I would like to be so dubbed.

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  1. Oh, I messed that up. Meant to say “football helmet”. Now it doesn’t make any sense at allllll.

  2. And it makes even less sense since the first two comments seem to have disappeared. I’m not upset or annoyed like that, I’m just pointing out what seems odd in case you somehow aren’t aware of it.

    Hey, no big deal to me even though the first comment was mine where I outlined beyond all critical doubt the definitive course for steering mankind away from all armed conflicts for the rest of time allowing nations to not only tolerate one another, but willingly cooperate for the good and prosperity of all races and religions. Oh, and it would have stabilized global climate issues too. But now I forgot what it was. Oh well.


  3. Ach, in trying to clean up some spam, I might’ve accidentally nicked some of the vital history of this site. Culture will have to survive damaged.

  4. No problem. I wouldn’t have even mentioned it were it not for the remote possibility that somehow something more might have gone inadvertently awry with the site. I’m really not one of those “How DARE you censor ME kind of geeks!” Make no mistake, I’m definitely a geek, just not THAT kind.

    I actually do remember the gist of my original comment. And I Agree it’s removal, intentional or un-, is no big loss to mankind.

    (Enjoy your travels with Ike.)


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