A stepping stone to bigger things

For the first time, someone who has commented on this blog has appeared on The Colbert Report, and I’m glad to have been able to provide John McWhorter with that vital experience that readied him for the big leagues.

John did a good job last night (yes, last night; I wonder how many people missed the episodes because it was on a Friday, which I think is a first for Colbert), being in the tricky position of taking a position that sounds like a much better-considered and slightly milder version of the fake conservative over-the-top view of Colbert’s character. It seemed to amuse Colbert greatly; usually, he’s either highlighting a more liberal view by presenting a mock shallow conservative opposition, or mocking a conservative commentator by agreeing with the hollowest aspects of his views. John’s muted conservative views, his general reasonableness (I don’t always agree with John, but from the most part he seems to come from a thoughtful belief rather than a shrill codified stance; the first part of his appearance here was in the role of a conservative supporter of Obama) kept Colbert off-guard and off-balance. ’twas fun to watch.

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