So, there’s some fuss being made about vice presidential candidate Palin, and whether she can juggle the demands of the vice-presidential campaign with raising a baby. What amuses me is this: that’s how the fullness of her life is always being depicted, those two things.

Does anyone remember that she has another job?

Now admittedly, Alaska may not be the biggest of states. Well, I mean, really it is the biggest of states, but not exactly the most populated. And the $84000 or so annual salary that she pulls down for it may not be that much, particularly considering the cost of living… but still, it sounds like a full-time job,

Please note that this isn’t just a comment on her; on the whole, I’ve always been bothered by the amount of time that sitting politicians spend on their campaigns for President, and what it says about their commitment to doing the jobs they actually have. If being a Senator is something that one can do in one’s spare time, well, perhaps that explains much of the problem of government.

(In researching the gubernatorial salary, I came upon the fact that, at least as of the beginning of the decade, 42 state governors could use official state airplanes… and Alaska was not among them. Is there any state for which such access would be more legitimate? It’s a huge state, with vital areas that are literally not reachable by road, and a fairly isolated state capital.)

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