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I never watched Beverly Hills 90210. I don’t mean “I was never a big fan” or “I never watched regularly”; I mean that to the best of my ability to remember, I never saw any more of it than it took to flip by it on the way to something else. But if the launch of the new generation is any reflection of the old one, then I was largely right in my assumptions of what it was, and whether it was for me. The clean, honest folks get swept into the world of those too rich and beautiful to need morals. Shallow, shiny guilty pleasures for teens… and not a pleasure which would’ve entertained me.

I tuned into this version with small hope of small pleasures, because of the involvement of Rob Thomas. And yes, there are small pleasures; a cute piece of dialog here, an unexpected relationship there (I’m amused by the very fact that the adopted black kid’s sister has a half-brother who has a half-sister), just because it creates a rich batch of relationships for which there is no technically correct name.) And the biggest pleasure comes from seeing Jessica Walter as the ex-movie star grandma lush. It’s not any stretch for her, just the pleasure of watching a fine actress tackle a roll that fits her like a glove. If I could just watch that without any drama about who told the pretty girl that her boyfriend was cheating on her, I would. But I don’t feel like spending every week with my finger on the fast forward, so I shall forego.

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