Privileged, or just Spoiled Rotten

I was planning to make an announcement that I would not strive for completion in this year’s reviews… but I’ve promised that in past years and didn’t follow through. And realizing how few new prime time network fiction shows there are this go-round,  I figured what the heck, might as well try to be complete.

But if I were to skip things, well, Privileged is exactly the sort of thing I would’ve skipped. On The CW, positioned to follow 90210, this tale of a perky, quirky young lady who gets swept into the world of the rich and haughty sounds designed to fit into the teen-drama dark-n-sexy wealth fascination of 90210, Gossip Girl, and other CW series I don’t watch.

And I would have missed something, while not amazing, surprisingly watchable. At least the pilot has a sense of style, visually, musically, and dialoguey, that kept my attention. It feel likes more of a less-silly Ugly Betty (which admittedly is lessening a key attraction of Ugly Betty) than like a typical CW show. Not for everybody, and with an unjustified earnestness, but if you endured The OC, you can try this one on for size as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it fell apart by episode 7… but it wouldn’t shock me if it found a reason for being.

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