If you took Lost and X-Files and squished them together into a sandwich, you’d get Fringe, a J.J. Abrahms melange of government conspiracy, villainous corporate maneuvers, and superscience sufficiently advanced that it’s not distinguishable from magic. A plucky federal agent and her square-jawed federal agent boyfriend (Mark Vallely, just the white guy to cast when you need a square jaw) investigate a plane where everyone’s flesh mysteriously disappeared, because, well, because that’s a cool and gross way of killing a plane full of people.

And cool and gross seems to be the goal, much more than human and intriguing. Yes, that’s the part of Lost that got squeezed out of the sandwich when it as squished together. And that’s the part I need. Gross doesn’t do me (and it makes it hard to watch, as Mrs. Nat’s TV has less of a tolerance of such things than I do.) I want to like it. I want to be interested. They bring the budget to do tricky (if gross) things. They bring some supporting cast that makes me happy — Blair “Molly Dodd” Brown, and that tall bald black guy from The Wire who always has his head tilted forward to make him look thoughtful, looming, and dubious about you. On this, he plays the boss who has his head tilted forward to make him look thoughtful, looming, and dubious about you.

But, well, I don’t care about the people, and I don’t care about Why All This Amazing Stuff Is Going On. So, it’s an empty box with beautiful wrapping. I expect it will have at least a strong cult following. I do not expect to be part of that.

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