The Ex List

A not-getting-any-younger gal learns that her soulmate is someone she once dated, and now she has to subject herself to everyone she ever broke up with in order to find him.

I’m not going to complain about the “psychic is correct” aspect of this, because the show is too silly for that to be taken seriously. But for an hour-long show, this is mighty thin stuff to hang it on. Basically, every episode has to have the ex seem like a Real Viable Prospect for a while, until the end when they disprove that. And since it’s not the last episode, you know it’s coming. So you’ve got a long stretch of trying-to-seem-interesting in the middle. Plus, you’ve got the sense that soulmatery is something that will be identified in the short spurt of the show, and not something that a couple needs to grow together into. It can’t be that, because there’s only one possibility, and it’s predestined; if this show had a sane view of love, it wouldn’t exist.

There’s some aggressive attempts at raciness which feels like, well, aggressive attempts. There is, I’ll admit, a charming actress at the center; I saw another reviewer note that we’ll be seeing her again not long after this show gets quickly canceled, and I reckon he’s right. But that leads to another point: this is a show that purports to have an end in mind. Someday, she will find Him and recognize that it’s Him and this is all just about the path to Him. And while the ending may not seem as important to the goings-on as it is for, say, Lost or a season of 24, there’s still the knowledge that this show will almost certainly disappear before reaching that end. Thus, even if you cared about the outcome, it would be hard to commit to this show.

This is apparently based off of an Israeli show (I can’t recall that happening previously!), but I can’t help but feel that had they adapted it as a half-hour sitcom instead, they might’ve had something a bit more workable. As it is, I’ll pass on the rest of The Ex List.

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