What America considers truly important

CNN.com keeps a list of the 10 most viewed articles at any given time, and with the economic crisis and with the presidential election going on, of course there is a lot of news to be viewed. At the moment, in fact, the 2nd most viewed article is about what Sarah Palin is saying about Barack Obama (and admittedly, it shouldn’t be considered vital news that she has bad things to say about him, even if she’s making rather tenuous excuses for doing so). So what’s the most viewed article? That Tina Fey did a Palin impression on SNL this week. But that’s just some momentary thing, right, it just happens to be what people are reading about at this moment? I’d say “no”… seeing how the 10th most viewed article of the moment is that Tina Fey did a Palin impression last week. A week later, and that’s still the news people want to read.

(BTW, ratings for last week’s show were up 46% over the same week the year before. Now, that can’t all be attributed to Fey-as-Palin, you gotta reckon that a Presidential election cycle will build people’s SNL expectations somewhat, and then you have the question of hosts. But still, ya gotta figure that between SNL and the newly-launching SNL Thursday show, Lorne Michaels and NBC are eager to keep the otherwise-hectic Ms. Fey extra-busy for the remaining month until the election.)

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