on Adam & Eve

I was chatting with someone on gay marriage, and the rhetorical flourish of “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve” came up. This lead me to reflect on several points which I’d not reflected on before:

  1. The Bible does not say that Adam & Eve were married. It depicts a relationship like marriage, but never uses that term (at least according to the sources I checked; I don’t claim to be a Bible scholar.) So perhaps they had a relationship much like some anti-gay-marriage folks claim to want for same-sex couples… marriage in all but name.
  2. They could not be legally wed in most places. Eve was created as a partner for Adam, which means they were considered married-or-whatever when she was zero years old.
  3. Even ignoring the age situation: Eve was created from Adam’s rib. She was, in essence, a clone. Surely, that’s too close a blood relative for marriage under the law in most states!

Added October 8: Just to follow up with some precision: there is no age limit for marriage under CA law. However, those under 18 seeking to be married must have both a court order and permission from a parent or guardian. Eve had no parents; it would be a tough argument to make that she had a legally-recognizable guardian.

I can’t actually find any law that prevents people from marrying based on being blood relations (“consanguinity” , in legal terms)… which is odd, because I can find the law that defines illegal incest as being sexual relations where the involved parties would not be allowed to marry based on consanguinity, which strongly inplies there’s such a law somewhere in the books.

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