Actually, a "meatball log" entry, but for now I don't want that as a category

So, what do I do with about 80 cents worth of leftover on-sale ground turkey to keep it from going to waste? Use up several bucks worth of other ingredients in an attempt to make something of use from it.

So, here’s what’s in the works: about eight ounces of ground turkey. Two or three ounces of leftover Pick-Up Stix brown rice that’s been in the fridge for a while. A good little pile of Mrs. Dash. Kneaded them altogether, rolled into little balls about an inch-and-a-quarter around. Half cover with tomato and basil spaghetti sauce, then when I decide that it would take too much spaghetti sauce to cover it all and that it would end up too thick, I cover the rest with a Trader Joe’s low-sodium tomato and red pepper soup (by the way, the Trader Joe’s low-sodium soup line? Very good. Very flavorful. Doesn’t taste like soups that are pretending to be sodiumy; just taste like something being what they intended to be, and tasting rich.)

That’s all now sitting in a crockpot, set to “high” for now. Dinner is four or five hours away; I may switch the crockpot down to “low” once I’m convinced that the turkey will end up cooked and I will not end up killing the entire little family of mine.

Added at 8 PM: Well, that was a success. Not an A+, but a solid B. It was a light flavor; I worried that the red pepper aspect of the soup might make it spicy, but no. We ended up with a creamy, mild sauce. These weren’t rugged sandwich meatballs, but good little pasta-topping meatballs.

I may do some more meatball experimentation. Maybe make some bigger, spicier, but non-evil meatballs for sandwich usage or flinging at cars.

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