Note: this was originally written October 6th, but was misfiled and did not appear on the blog at that time.

And to balance my positive review of Easy Money, let me point out that not all of the new CW Sunday is equally wonderful. Because there is Valentine.

Valentine is about a group of immortals whose job it is to bring soulmates together. If this sounds like an update of the wry and witty Cupid, you’re granting it too much ambition. It’s more in the tradition of Fantasy Island, with the dilemma story of the episode, two people who should be brought together but who are, of course, finding reasons not to be together.

In the first episode, the immortals (Aphrodite, Eros, and the gang) find the need to add one to their group, a human romance writer who is presumably there to stand in for the viewer. Yes, she’s the Wesley Crusher. Only I liked Wesley and thought he served a purpose there (“there” being a TV show called Star Trek: The Next Generation, for any young whippersnappers reading.)

Thing is, the mythological figures here aren’t that interesting, their interaction with the real world is not as funny as it seems intended to be, and while it might be “right” for the couple in love to be together, there’s no sense that either has earned this and thus there is no justice here, just fulfillment of desire.

Ratings on these new shows were, well, lousy. And I’m not surprised if some people tried Valentine, and decided that this new line-up was not for them before hitting the latter, better show (athough to be fair to those people, what reviewers I’ve found don’t seem to share my positive opinion of Easy Money.)

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