America unites to remove only African American from Senate!

Well, I was going to entitle it America Unites to Put John McWhorter Out of a Job, but I saw John on the TV this morning, so that clearly didn’t work.

I’m not going to hide it. I’ve support this guy, that one, whatever you want to call him, for a long time.  (Hmmm, hadn’t thought of this before – McCain has gone from saying “that one!” to “that won?!?”. No, that’s cheap, and as bad as the McCampaign was at times, in his concession speech McCain reminded us of the guy many of us thought we could vote for in 2000.) Mrs. Nat’s TV picked up on him first, really. I mean, we both noticed Obama’s speech at the 2004. Hard not to. But she focused on him again, before he through his hat into the ring; there was some NPR interview where she found value in his willingness and ability to be nuanced. And I bought her one of his books as an audio book, and she laid her hands on the other one, and we both went through them. We were never for anyone else at the nomination level. And even though there were regular reminders that he was a politician, and that his values did not 100% match ours, he seemed that best match for us in terms of competency and ideology. It wasn’t because of matters of skin that we backed him.

But I’ve got a mixed race stepmother who I think long assumed that she would not live to see this day come, and I’ve got a not-yet-four-year-old daughter who will probably never get to fully understand the momentousness of this, because the world she will know is this new world. And as much as I’m in pain from some backward steps I felt were taken on other fronts yesterday, this is the way the world progress, in chunks sometimes rough-hewn and ugly. Beautiful castles are made from rough-hewn and ugly stones.

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