If you turn to TNT’s new series Leverage looking for a deeply meaningful drama about an insurance investigator (Timothy Hutton) coping with the loss of his son, you’d be disappointed. Not that that isn’t part of the plot, but really, it’s just the excuse for setting up a con man series, an American Hustle. The small serious overtones is just an excuse for setting up a con man A-Team, and they’re willing to be a bit cartoony rather than realistic.

But once you accept that, the initial episode, at least, is okay. The fact that they brought in Saul Rubinek as a guest star is nice… he’s not the sort of big name that grabs press and brings in ratings, but he is a good screen presence, nicely respectable. Dean Devlin, of the American Godzilla (among other things) is the producer who directs the first episode, so it has a reasonably slick feel. But that also limits how well one can judge by the first episode. How well will it look and feel once they’ve moved on to the ongoing episodes. Nothing was good enough that it will resist ruining if handled badly. In fact, they need to up their game if they want to keep the exaggeration of the supporting members of the con team from leaving it repetitive and silly.

(I checked the TNT TV website to see if there was an online copy of the pilot to steer you toward. Found a couple odd things. One is that the only shows they give you full episodes of at this point are reruns of Charmed and Angel. The other is that, for some reason, some are Windows-only. A surprising limitation.)

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