What went wrong on SNL?

Something was funky on SNL last night. Toward the end, they ran two rerun fake commercials in a row. Yes, they have a long history of rerunning their fake ads, but two in a row sounds like a desperation fill-in move, like something that they expected to be done couldn’t be at the last minute. Or perhaps they edited out something from the West Coast feed (that’s the curse of living on this side of the country; any interesting flubs can get fixed before we see them.) And then, leading in to the goodnights, they had up an SNL title screen for an oddly long time.

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  1. There is talk on the Telivision Without Pity SNL page about two-three skits being cut between dress rehearsal and the live show. Also, the Jonas Brothers were supposedly in the Cougar skit but replaced by the three cast members who eventually appeared.

    Another theory proposed there: that the live audience hasn’t been nearly as receptive to the material as past audiences have been, resulting in the show ending earlier due to too much time being allowed for audience reaction.

    I do like that balloon commercial though.

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