But who will save New Zealand now

Much is being made about Simpsons being renewed for another couple years. And yes, yes, it has earned its recognition for its impressive run. (The age of people who never really knew a Simpsons-free world astounds me.) But its very success has overshadowed other long-running successes. It looks like Power Rangers is coming to an end after 17 years. (I had to pay attention to that early on – wrote some Power Rangers comics. It had its place as cheap fun thrills for the young set. But I cannot say that I’ve followed any of what was going on with it for more than a decade.) Oh, that one might not be being ignored because of the Simpsons; I just felt like mentioning the show.

But the thing that’s blatantly under the Simpsons shadow is King of the Hill. It looks like it’s about to come to the end… after 13 seasons. 13 seasons.  Stronger episodes and weaker ones in there, but overall, 13 quite entertaining seasons. And if any other primetime network sitcom had lasted that long or was coming to an end after that time, much more noise would be made.

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