I’m blogging notes while watching last night’s premiere of Castle. SPOILERS WITHIN.

Going in, I’m positively inclined toward this series. For one thing, it’s Nathan Fillion. Like him from Firefly. (And of course I know what the hammer really is.) Plus, it seems to be a banter detective show, something bringing back the tradition of Remington Steele and Moonlighting. Nice to get away from the procedural tradition.

A publicist(?) introduces a mystery author as a “master of the macabre”. No, that’s an appelation generally reserved for horror creators.

Susan Sullivan! Of Dharma and Greg! We like her.

Dan Castellanata in the credits. Somebody is liking me here.

Casual treatment of murder comes with the banter format. I’ve been finding myself turning away from light-hearted detective books (well, books-on-tape) recently because of that, seems cheap and unreal to me, but for some reason I think I won’t mind so much in this context.

My early bet on the murder motive: since he’s killing in the manner of the author’s obscure books, it’s because he has a pile of first editions, and wants them to become valuable once the murders are publicized.

They argue over whether murderers kill without a reason. Two reasons why this murderer obviously has a reason. For one, the story wouldn’t make much point if it’s just random killing. But for a within-the-tale reason: a person not bringing logic to murder would not be interested in murder mysteries, which are all about bringing logic to murder.

Hmm… they just found their suspect, way too early, obviously a frame. I’m pretty sure it’s an ABC murder to kill off the social worker.

We’ll see ifthey bring in Cannell and Patterson every episode. (Feels like they wanted a third famous guy and he fell through.)

Yeah, he has figured out it’s an ABC murder.

45 minutes in and no Dan Castellanata yet. I think he did it.

At least the cop gets to figure things out at times, not just the writer.

Oh, there’s Dan. He’s a judge. Recurring?

It’s hard to buy “I’m only going to inherit $25 million” as motive. I hope there’s something more than that.  (Seconds later.. they’re positing him as being tens of millions in debt. Still seems desperate.)

Bad guy is shredding evidence, then looks at the gun. Shred the gun!

All in all, not the ultimate expression of the banter form… but you never get that on the first episode anyway. Certainly watchable. Mrs. Nat’s TV liked it as well. We’ll set up to record the Saturday reruns, to avoid the conflict with Saving Grace. (I think I missed one last night recording this. Arg!)

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