Problem is, there's a job opening

I usually don’t weigh in here on the controversies bopping around the blogosphere. But sometimes, well, I just see that the point is being missed.

In the whole Stewart versus CNBC situation, there’s been a lot of praise of Stewart… but that’s also served as a basis to criticize Stewart. Thing is, I’ve yet to hear anyone claim that Stewart’s criticism of the financial news/hype game was wrong, but hey, Stewart has said a couple of nice things about Obama and hasn’t been as critical of him as of the guy who started a couple wars and was at the helm while the country’s debt multiplied and our economic went in the gutter. But yea, Stewart is at base a comedian and yes, he does have a point of view. He is, perhaps, not the person who should be exposing the lies, the failures, the systemic problems.

But here’s the problem with criticizing him for it: whoever’s job it is to be exposing those things? They haven’t done their job. It shouldn’t fall to the fake news anchor of a comedy show to do this. Ted Baxter should not be exposing Watergate. But if Woodward and Bernstein aren’t doing their job and Ted has the info, then hooray to him for bringing it to us.

Critcizing Jon Stewart for the way he takes on these things is like taking on the town drunk for being sloppy throwing water on a fire. Sure, he’s not doing a perfect job, but the real question is where are the firemen?

(I’m getting a  chuckle out of pundits stating that Stewart spent the Bush years speaking truth to power but now isn’t doing the same to Obama… because the folks making those statements weren’t exactly praising Stewart’s “speaking truth” when they now say it was going on.)

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