Motherhood Down

In The Motherhood is an ABC sitcom that wants to be a bit of a motherly Seinfeld, with central characters involving each other in their lesser instinct and the fallout thereof. Some good cast, some nice touches (good to see a mixed-race couple, in contrast to Seinfeld‘s myteriously negro-free New York.) But it lacks one vital element, and that is humor.

Party Down is a bit more problematic, because it has its humorous moments, but I’m not sure that it adds up to much. But I have my hopes, because this tale of a bunch of caterers comes from Rob Thomas, creator of Cupid and Veronica Mars. And for Veronica Mars fans, there are some definite gifts., as Thomas is reusing cast members. The guy who played Dick Calabasas is a regular. Guy who played Veronica’s Dad guests on the first episode, and Veronica herself is an upcoming guest.

And there is comedy to be had in the group of folks who are catering because they have nothing else to do, but there is a problem. It reminds me of the Ricky Gervais series Extras, both in texture and in the way it looks down on the losers around the edge of the Hollywood dream. It’s a bit of a bully.

But there is enough here for e to give it some time to convince me. If you like Rob Thomas’s other works (or Extras, for that matter), certainly worth a look. And if you’re wondering why you haven’t been seeing it — it’s on Starz. You get Starz? Didn’t think so. Neither do I. But Netflix is offering it up for streaming.(The somewhat jerly sreaming probably didn’t improve my experience of the show.)

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