2pid's not stupid

As everyone who memorizes the blog would know, I’ve been looking forward to the new version of Rob Thomas’s Cupid, which launched tonight. And it ain’t bad. This is a tale of, well, Cupid. Or a madman who thinks he’s Cupid, although that seems rather unlikely (in context). He believes he’s tuck on Earth until he brings 100 couples together, and he banters with a cut demale psychiatrist who needs to cure him.

A show like this rests heavily on its lead. The first time ’round, Jeremy Piven did a wise, slick, but not disinegnuous turn, making a magical series. This time ’round, the new guy brings more of a friendly puppydogness to it, but still manges to capture a sense of smoothness. He also has these odd leaks of intelligence, as though he always has a strong brain lurking there but it usually doesn’t get past his being in the moment. That works… although arguably it works better conceptually if he is insane. Sarah Paulson fills the Paula Marshall role of the smart, lovely woman whose intense anti-romance logic does not hide the broken heart that motivates it.

They’ve switched some things up from last time, kept one strong little visual item (keeping track of the number of couples he’s brought together using a pool scoring string), and all in all it works. Check it out, Tuesdays, ABC.

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