really good Swine Flu joke

I’ve got this really good Swine Flu joke, but it’s only funny if you have the following information in your working knowledge:

  • Israeli officials are trying to get people to refer to the disease as “Mexican flu”, because swine are not kosher.
  • Among other things that aren’t kosher are shellfish.
  • It helps to have a working knowledge of venereal diseases.

Also, it would help me if you understand that this is not meant to be an anti-Mexican joke, the humor is not meant to rely on it being Mexican. I have nothing against Mexicanos. In fact, the joke would work better if the disease originated in Belgium, because from a humor perspective, there is something innately funny about “Belgians” in a joke. But the important thing is that you don’t take it as a joke whose humor relies on bigotry against Mexicans; if you go down that path, you’ve gone the wrong way.

Got that? Okay. Here goes:

“It’s a bad idea to call ‘Swine Flu’ as ‘Mexican Flu’, because renaming things like that to avoid unkosher terms sets a bad precedent. I’m not looking forward to scratching my crotch and explaining that I’ve got a case of Mexicans.”

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  1. And, of course, at a party last night, I start to tell the joke…. and someone says it’s a joke they heard on The Daily Show the night before. A Daily Show I’ve not yet watched, I’m about three days behind. But it makes me look like a total nimnul, rather than the vasty creative soul which I am!

  2. Jeeeez!!!

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