Skipped topic, but…

Some hyped-up controversies aren’t worth the attention. Certainly, the Miss USA nonsense, in which a person of little importance voices an opinion and is heckled for it by an obnoxious individual, with the “victim” then going to build her career as a spokesperson for a cause that was not apparently central to her before.

And I’ve seen people hammer most of the obvious points repeatedly… enough so that I couldn’t help but notice what was overlooked. With the “victim” rushing to lend her backing for a self-styled “pro-marriage” organization, no one has notice that she’s made her name with an anti-marriage group. That’s right, the Miss USA folks discriminate against the married, making them inelligible for their contest, and thus discourage young women from getting married in order to remain in the competition. That is what she was striving for.

But as I said, this is unimportant. This whole matter is people who don’t have any real control over the situation not actually doing things, but merely saying things. If anything, it’s humorous seeing how the marriage “protectors” are distracted by this to the degree that some of them seem not to notice the very real occurences in the whole marriage issue during this time.

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